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06 May 2015

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I was in Baltimore most of this past week. The one day I wasn’t, I was in Missouri, talking to folks involved in the Ferguson protests for Michael Brown and addressing the St. Louis Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel about how to counter bias in the workplace and throughout the larger community. Yet I didn’t begin to fully appreciate the impact on me of the week’s events ...
29 Apr 2015

Bring Your Hope to Baltimore
I watched much of the sensationalized “Baltimore is on Fire” CNN coverage. I followed the tweets and Facebook comments about the “riots” in Baltimore (my home town) until 11 pm last night, upset by the misrepresentation and saddened that this is happening yet again. I woke up this morning in my high rise condo, the sun reflecting off the harbor and into my large windows and I thought: I ...
23 Mar 2015

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I would have loved to see President Obama, the First Lady and their beautiful girls in Selma, Alabama linking arms with Rep. John Lewis and other brave civil rights pioneers who took that historic walk over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965. The presence of our African-American first family marking the anniversary of this triumphant struggle was incredibly poignant and inspiring in itself...
06 Mar 2015

All Lives Matter
All Lives Matter: Bring the Conversation to Your Holiday Table Washington Park, New York City – December, 2014 “Black Lives Matter!” While thousands of New Yorkers were doing their holiday shopping on a Saturday afternoon, I found myself on the City’s streets surrounded by a throng of the most diverse young men and women I have ever seen. I later learned that more than 50,000 people g...
13 Feb 2015

Best of Luck Africa
Black History Month is a time of reflection. This year I’ve been reflecting on my own black history and how it brought me back home to Baltimore. Growing up black, I used to think that at a certain point in my life I would go and help the kids in Africa. Maybe it was those kids on the commercials. They were black like me, but while things may have been lacking in my family, they were ...
14 Jan 2015

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I experienced many emotions watching the incredible motion picture, Selma, this past weekend. There was pride. There was pain for every blow and every death it took for our country to heed the call of the civil rights movement and grant Black Americans the right to vote. There was confusion watching the perpetrators of such violence and rabid resistance. How did Selma’s Sherriff Jim Clar...