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Vernā Myers

DEI Consultant

Vernā Myers

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Consulting

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Through The Vernā Myers Company, Vernā Myers offers DEI advising, education, and interactive workshops for C-Suite, executive leadership, Boards, and DEI leaders who want to elevate their culture, and breakdown the barriers that hinder long-lasting and effective organizational change and future prosperity. She works with leaders and decision-makers in a thoughtful, compassionate, and honest manner without blame, shame, or attack, so they can embrace the work necessary to lead a successful long-term DEI cultural change process. Vernā’s approach is pragmatic, concrete, and skills-based so that leaders gain both the confidence and competence necessary to create inclusive organizations where diverse voices are heard and where employees can contribute at their highest levels authentically.

Vernā Myers is a DEI pioneer. With nearly three decades of professional experience as a DEI Consultant, she’s become a highly sought-after subject-matter expert in this field. She’s worked with hundreds of clients globally – across markets and industries and listened to thousands of people share their stories and concerns related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. Vernā helps institutions consider how to address DEI on four levels – personal, interpersonal, organizational, and cultural – utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data. Vernā has a unique way of engaging people in authentic and meaningful conversations that enable them to bridge their differences and find solutions that create more inclusion and equity for everyone. She is passionate about helping people get out of their comfort zones and engage participants in various experiences that allow them to explore views and experiences different from their own in a non-threatening way.

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Introduction to Diversity

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