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Vernā Myers


11 Dec 2020

Vernā speaks with the team at Diversity Woman Last month, Vernā was excited and honored to speak to the team at Diversity Woman Media for their Winter 2021 Issue of Inclusion magazine on what brought her to the work she does and how this work has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests. From the fundamental elements needed to create a more equitable w...
19 Oct 2020

5 Rules for Leading Inclusively in Tough Political Times
We all try our best to stay focused on our jobs. But it’s hard to deny the deep divisions that exist in our country and the world right now. The Supreme Court is about to get a new justice and people are squaring off on different sides of the abortion debate; crying children separated from their parents at the border are broadcast on every network; companies and workers are concerned abo...
03 Aug 2020

TVMCU Featured Image
Looking for something to read this month? As I mentioned in my August newsletter, the TVMC team has put together our own list of book recommendations – great reads that inspired, entertained, enlightened and made us think. Please check out this list below. Hope you find it useful. Have you read any of these books? Tell us what you thought!   Verna Myers: The Hate U Give by Angi...
19 Jun 2020

The Bones of our Nation are Showing
Like so many people, I’ve been watching with anger and dismay as our country carries out the cruel policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents at the US-Mexico border. It’s heartbreaking and shocking to hear the stories and see the pictures. I’m grateful that the innocence of children is pricking our consciousness and evoking our empathy across our differences. But th...
18 Jan 2020

The 7 hidden biases keeping you from getting hired
I just got back from filming a video about inclusive hiring practices, and along the way I had some great conversations with folks about the biases that come into play during hiring that don’t get talked about as often as race and gender. People make all kinds of assumptions and snap judgments about job candidates based on their unconscious and even acknowledged biases, and it keeps them...
11 Jan 2020

Kindness on the Fly
I’ve been traveling incessantly these past few months, spending hours in airports and hotels and zipping around by train, plane and automobile. I’ve always been fascinated by how human beings approach travel, and what it reveals about who we are and how we choose to show up in the world. Many of us are not at our best when we’re traveling—to say the least. Like, if someone was followi...