Creating Globally Inclusive & Culturally Competent Workplaces | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers

11 Dec 2020

Creating Globally Inclusive & Culturally Competent Workplaces

Vernā speaks with the team at Diversity Woman

Last month, Vernā was excited and honored to speak to the team at Diversity Woman Media for their Winter 2021 Issue of Inclusion magazine on what brought her to the work she does and how this work has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests.

From the fundamental elements needed to create a more equitable workplace to understanding the discrimination and bias uncovered by the 2020 pandemic and racial justice movement, Vernā’s very candid conversation covers the urgent need for organizations to approach all facets of their business with an inclusion lens.

“Most companies have had to acknowledge that we are not all the same; factors like your family situation, health status, tenure, level, cultural identity, location all make a difference when it comes to how you experience the same workplace.”⁠

Vernā goes on to talk about the larger impact of the Black Lives Matter protests that took center stage over the summer and the growing need for companies to implement more strategic solutions around bias, privilege, and allyship in order to build a more equitable workplace and society.

Driven by her childhood hero, Martin Luther King, Jr, Vernā also reflects on the opportunities she was given as a result of those who have sacrificed in order to create invaluable openings for communities most in need.  “This time, I hope that the doors of opportunity will expand to the point that Black folks and other marginalized groups get to walk through them,” says Vernā.

Learn more from Vernā on how organizations can “usher in a new, more inclusive workplace” by reading the full interview here.

In this issue you can also catch Spotlight Q&As with these D&I thought leaders as they share what’s on their mind these days:

  • Angela Roseboro, Chief Diversity Officer, Riot Games
  • Celeste Warren, Vice President, Global Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence, Merck
  • Janice Dupré Little, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Lowe’s Companies Inc.
  • Michelynn Woodard, Head of Social Impact, Diversity & Culture, Bad Robot Productions
  • Francine Katsoudas, Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Cisco
  • Denielle PembertonHeard, Chief Legal Officer of Diversified Search and former CEO of STEMconnector
  • Susan MacKenty Brady, CEO, Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership
  • Shannon Schuyler, US Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer, PwC

Access the entire Inclusion Winter 2021 issue here.

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