January 2018 | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers


30 Jan 2018

Why I Cried at My Sister’s Graduation
Last week, my sister graduated from her PhD program at Walden University. When I walked into the Tampa Convention Center for the ceremony, along with hundreds of other graduates and their families, I was immediately flooded with emotion. I know, there’s nothing that strange about crying at a graduation ceremony. But there were so many different reasons I felt emotional that day—layers of...
23 Jan 2018

Millennials, We Need to Talk! Introducing Q&A with Vernā.
When I spoke at the Massachusetts Conference for Women back in December, one of the greatest parts of the experience was the chance to speak with so many millennials. Whenever people in their twenties and thirties come up to me after a talk, two things happen. First, I’m thrilled because I think: They like me! I’m relevant! Second, I’m reminded just how much they have to teach me. ...
12 Jan 2018

#Oprah2020? I say #NOPRAH… With Love
So, whoever decided to award Oprah the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes this year probably didn’t realize they might be launching a 2020 presidential candidate. They knew they were going to be getting an inspiring speech from this icon—one of the most accomplished, prolific, authentic, up-from-poverty entrepreneurs, innovators, and soulful game-changing...
08 Jan 2018

Blackish: Live Tweeting the Golden Globes
I went on a major tweetstorm last night during the Golden Globes. This was a BIG night, and it kept my mind and my fingers moving—even the bigger 280 character limit felt too short sometimes! The fashion blackout in support of #MeToo was so powerful—all those influential, glamorous people looking elegant in their black gowns and suits, but committed to shining the real spotlight where...
03 Jan 2018

TVMCU Featured Image
What a difference a year makes. At the beginning of 2017, women came together in marches all over the county, raising their voices in support of social justice. By the end of the year, women’s courageous voices had spurred the #MeToo movement. Now, women are moving from collective protests to collective action—and swiftly! If 2017 was the year of women speaking up, 2018 is already lookin...