October 2017 | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers


17 Oct 2017

I’m Going to SXSW!
 Hey everyone, I’m doing my happy dance!! Because…wait for it…I’m going to SXSW!!!!! (YES, I AM 5-EXCLAMATION-POINT-EXCITED!) It’s not until March, but I will be happy dancing all the way there! I’m going to be on National Geographic’s panel called Responsible Visual Discourse in Media, with the talented Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of National Geographic magazine and photo...
12 Oct 2017

Oprah & Sarah Silverman
A couple of weeks ago I watched the episode of 60 Minutes where Oprah surrounded herself with a cross-section of Americans, who shared their thoughts about the deep polarization in our country. Since then, I’ve been reflecting on what I saw, and on other times I’ve seen to people from “different sides of the aisle” brought together for dialogue. Oprah wasn’t the first TV personality to d...
11 Oct 2017

TVMCU Featured Image
Today was a big day! It was National Coming Out Day. It was the International Day of the Girl Child. It was also the day more and more women came out of the woodwork to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault. I also realized that today is Wednesday, the day I pray for the girls/young women in my family. Every Wednesday, I pray for my nieces and great nieces and all t...
03 Oct 2017

TVMCU Featured Image
When I woke up on Monday morning to the news of the Las Vegas killings, I felt ill. You probably did, too. And if you’re like me, your next thoughts were something like: AND what are we going to do about all the guns and violence in America, PLUS Puerto Rico, AND North Korea (AND what’s wrong with our President taunting Kim like that?) AND that earthquake in Mexico AND now Barcelona—750 ...