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Vernā Myers

I’m Going to SXSW!
17 Oct 2017

I’m Going to SXSW!

Hey everyone, I’m doing my happy dance!! Because…wait for it…I’m going to SXSW!!!!! (YES, I AM 5-EXCLAMATION-POINT-EXCITED!) It’s not until March, but I will be happy dancing all the way there!

I’m going to be on National Geographic’s panel called Responsible Visual Discourse in Media, with the talented Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of National Geographic magazine and photographer, writer and filmmaker Ami Vitale. We’ll be talking about the way imagery works on us subconsciously to inform our understanding of the world, including our biases, and why responsible visual discourse the media is so important.

I know it will be an amazing discussion. And of course I’m ALSO looking forward to the conversation, the awesome music, great thinkers, killer food and revitalizing energy of Austin.

I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a little like Sally Field at the Oscars: “You like me!” You young folks like me! (Oops. Did that cultural reference show my age? Oh well.)

I’m officially giddy about my good fortune. So thankful for this incredible opportunity. Like my nephew Eric Bigger says, “It’s miracle season!”