4 Reasons Why DEI in the Workplace Matters | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers

20 Nov 2023

4 Reasons Why DEI in the Workplace Matters

Diverse companies have more satisfied and happier employees than companies with low diversity levels.” –  Zippia Research

Despite what you might have heard in recent headlines, DEI in the workplace matters to today’s workforce. In fact, according to a recent survey by The Harris Poll on behalf of the Black Economic Alliance Foundation, 81% of American employees overwhelmingly support corporate diversity initiatives. This powerful number reinforces the idea that people are looking for equal job opportunities and a workplace where they can feel safe and better connected. Building a supportive and inclusive workplace that fosters a positive culture and team engagement has never been more essential.  

If DEI initiatives are a top priority for employees in today’s workforce, why are organizations putting them on the back burnerHere are the four reasons why DEI in the workplace matters:

Ability to Recruit & Retain Talent 

Organizations are not only more successful when they embrace DEI initiatives, but they also attract top talent and retain employees longer. Implementing DEI strategies shows that the organization provides fair recruitment evaluation and brings together different backgrounds and life experiences. 

Better Engagement

Employees who feel their needs are recognized and respected feel a better sense of belonging and connection with their colleagues, leaders, and the work they do for the organization. An inclusive workplace can drive up morale and motivate employees to do their best as they feel a vested interest in the company’s overall success. 

Global Competitiveness

This one is big. If you are going to compete in today’s global marketplace, you need to walk the talk, which means the employees you hire must represent the businesses and customers you work with and support. Hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds brings a different perspective, ultimately leading to new and creative thinking that gives your business a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. 

Leadership Matters

Leaders who involve themselves in their organization’s DEI initiatives are better informed and can recognize and steer DEI strategies down the right path. These leaders can help identify bias in various organizational processes, improving work systems to ensure equal opportunities, especially when evaluating, cultivating, and retaining talent.

Bottom line: diversity, equity, and inclusion plans help empower team members to create a connection, build a positive support system, and thrive to their fullest potential. 

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