Introducing the Sundays With Vernā Podcast | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers

26 Oct 2022

Introducing the Sundays With Vernā Podcast

We’re so excited to announce the launch of Vernā’s original podcast, Sundays With Vernā!

Adapted from her highly popular online talk show, created after the killing of George Floyd and the 2020 racial awakening, the Sundays With Vernā podcast brings together the brightest minds in science, art, culture, and politics to cover topics from food justice to voting rights and mindfulness at work. Previously, these incredible mind-shifting conversations were available online but now can now be enjoyed wherever you go. 

From what life will look like in a post-Roe v. Wade America to the issues around racial justice to how you can support mental health in a post-COVID world, each conversation is intended to heal division and leverage the power of unity. 

Through candid conversations and personal insights, listeners of the Sundays With Vernā podcast will feel a deeper connection with guests as they interact with Vernā in a real-time, solutions-based format. 

First episode is live!

Vernā’s first episode welcomes Liz Plank, filmmaker, award-winning journalist and best-selling author of the critically acclaimed book, “For the Love of Men: From Toxic to a More Mindful Masculinity.”⁠ In the conversation, Liz and Vernā discuss the overturning of Roe v Wade and how it affects the US in both the present and the future.  Key takeaways include:⁠

  • Much like our rights to vote, our right to an abortion does not mean it is easily accessible to all.⁠
  • Disadvantaged people in our society are the most impacted by the overturning of Roe v. Wade.⁠
  • Men have stepped up by getting vasectomies at an over 400% increase since abortion bans in the US.

Stay engaged, inspired and connected. 

Catch this episode today on iTunes! It’s time to take Vernā with you wherever you go with the new Sundays With Vernā podcast. New episodes launched monthly.