07 Mar 2022

Welcome to our spotlight on Humanizing Equity

“Bias is not about being good or bad; it’s about being human.” – Vernā Myers

We’re evolving our content to meet the needs of our changing society. This means pushing the needle forward on issues that matter most to you, our TVMC community. It’s this mindset that helped us launch our new Humanizing Equity platform on Instagram. 

Humanizing Equity is a space we created to specifically spotlight the stories, insights and tools that you, an active member of our TVMC community, need to help better understand, support, and create a more equitable society. A society that is rooted in a common belief that we are all equal and alike despite our inherent differences. Because until we see ourselves as equals, we can not successfully co-exist as humans.

Humanizing Equity is a space to share what everyday humans, organizations and local government agencies are doing to improve equal access and equitable opportunities for all. We will use this space as a platform to tell stories that help us all better understand the challenges faced by many people, particularly those who are from traditionally marginalized communities. From a Trans Jeopardy! champion on TV screens across our country, to a trailblazing Victoria Secret swimsuit model with Down syndrome, we’ll be sharing stories of real humans who have defied stereotypes and biases to achieve their dreams. 

We invite you to join us over on Instagram. And STAY TUNED for our Understanding Biases and Inclusivity Masterclass Bundle. From teaching you how to unpack your unique cultural lens to helping you lead a more inclusive environment, this Masterclass by Vernā Myers will give you the skills you need to thrive in today’s world. 

Thanks for joining us on our mission to humanize equity.