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13 May 2018

New TVMC-U Course – Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion
I’m thrilled to introduce you to my new video course for individuals – Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion by Vernā Myers. For the past twenty years I have partnered with corporations and law firms around the world to figure out how best to train interviewers to be inclusive – this course will help your interviewers feel more comfortable interviewing across differ...
09 May 2018

Men & Therapy: The Perfect Couple
People who know me well know that I’ve got a rule when it comes to who I will and won’t date: I won’t date a guy who hasn’t been to therapy. OK, I’m joking—mostly. Let’s just say I’m a little suspicious of men who haven’t done some kind of emotional work with a professional counselor or therapist. When guys I’ve dated have sheepishly admitted that they’d gone to therapy, they would be...
10 Apr 2018

Forget “Balance.” The Secret to Happiness is Alignment.
Raise your hand if you’ve ever said “I wish I had more balance in my life.” Lots of hands out there, right? So many of us seem to think there’s some magical formula, and that if everything in our lives was in the right proportions—work, family, social life, etc.—then bam, we’d be happy. Often, when we talk about balance it’s because we’re at a decision point: We want to switch jobs or...
10 Apr 2018

For Men Afraid to Hire Women, It’s Time to Walk on Fire
Tony Robbins got some well-deserved flak on social media this past weekend when a video surfaced showing an interaction he had with a female audience member at one of his events, in which he suggested that some women have used the #MeToo movement to “gain significance.” The whole exchange, which went on for ten minutes, was tone-deaf and at times disturbing (like when he physically pushe...
04 Apr 2018

TVMCU Featured Image
Today, April 4, is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Media outlets and publications everywhere are honoring the day with remembrances and articles about King’s legacy. Most are, of course, about MLK’s leadership in the Civil Rights Movement and how he helped lead the movement for greater racial equality. But I’ve been thinking a lot about the work Ki...
24 Mar 2018

TVMCU Featured Image
These young people speaking today at #Marchforourlives are both breaking my heart and giving me great hope. The power and truth of their words, the devastating trauma and loss they have suffered and their choice to be active and demand a better life for themselves moves me to tears. The fact that these advocates come from so many backgrounds and circumstances encourages me because these ...