May 2018 | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers


21 May 2018

I have a royal wedding hangover because I jumped right in with nothing but well wishes for Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle, now titled, her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. We were taken into their fairytale, then the Duke and Duchess, lead by Bishop Michael Curry, took Queen Elizabeth and hundreds of millions of people across the world, many for the first time, somewhere ...
17 May 2018

Peace is a Process—and it’s Crazy
60 Palestinians killed, more than 1700 injured, and most were unarmed. For the past few days, I’ve been trying to comprehend the violence that broke out once again between Israelis and Palestinians, this time in response to the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem. It felt surreal to be watching the ceremony of officials smiling and applauding the embassy when, at that exact moment...
13 May 2018

New TVMC-U Course – Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion
I’m thrilled to introduce you to my new video course for individuals – Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion by Vernā Myers. For the past twenty years I have partnered with corporations and law firms around the world to figure out how best to train interviewers to be inclusive – this course will help your interviewers feel more comfortable interviewing across differ...
09 May 2018

Men & Therapy: The Perfect Couple
People who know me well know that I’ve got a rule when it comes to who I will and won’t date: I won’t date a guy who hasn’t been to therapy. OK, I’m joking—mostly. Let’s just say I’m a little suspicious of men who haven’t done some kind of emotional work with a professional counselor or therapist. When guys I’ve dated have sheepishly admitted that they’d gone to therapy, they would be...