Unconscious Bias | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers

Exploring Unconscious Bias

Exploring Unconscious Bias

Learning how to unpack your unique cultural lens and biases.

Enjoy a Sneak Peek of Chapter 3, “What Is  inclusion”, above.

The Exploring Unconscious Bias with Vernā Myers course introduces the concept of unconscious bias and addresses the impact it has on building and retaining a diverse and inclusive workplace where people of all backgrounds can thrive. Throughout the learning session, participants will be asked to look inward to better understand some of their own unconscious biases and learn to recognize and interrupt bias. The video has 18 short chapters that build upon one another.

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What's Included

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The Exploring Unconscious Bias with Vernā Myers video is comprised of 18 short chapters that build upon one another and has a run time of 58.38 minutes. It can be watched in its entirety in one session or over a period of time.

Chapter Outline

1.    Exploring Unconscious Bias Introduction
2.    What is Diversity?
3.    What is Inclusion?
4.    What is Cultural Competence?
5.    Why We Need to Counter Unconscious Bias
6.    Understanding Your Cultural Background
7.    Exploring Micro-Inequities
8.    Debriefing the Vignette
9.    We All Have Biases
10.  Different Types of Bias
11.  How Our Brains Work
12.  An Exercise in Free Association
13.  Studies About Unconscious Bias
14.  Stay on Top of Your Biases
15.  Be on a Mission
16.  Communicate High Standards and Be Consistent
17.  Some Tips for Interrupting Bias
18.  Spectrum of Responses to Bias

Learning Objectives for the Exploring Unconscious Bias Course

  • To deepen one’s understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • To explore one’s own cultural diversity lens and how it shapes the way one sees the world and interact with others
  • To become aware of what unconscious or implicit bias is and how the human brain functions
  • To learn how unconscious bias can cause one to jump to the wrong conclusion, miss and misjudge others, and create exclusion
  • To consider specific ways to counter one’s own unconscious biases
  • To learn tips for interrupting bias when it happens
  • To understand the importance of becoming actively anti-bias