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Talking Boldly

Talking Boldly®

Practical Steps in creating an environment where people don’t just survive but thrive.

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The Talking Boldly® with Vernā Myers teaches participants how to have safe and learning conversations across different perspectives and experiences.

We know that many people shy away from talking with others about difficult and sometimes controversial social, cultural and political issues. Many of us are afraid that we will say the wrong thing and unintentionally offend someone. Others fear becoming too emotional, while some are concerned about the possible and negative repercussions for stating our views or experiences in front of others, especially in the workplace.

The concept of Talking Boldly is not about talking brashly or aggressively with others about one’s opinions and perspectives, but rather Talking Boldly encourages us to take the bold step of reaching out across our differences to respectfully engage difficult subjects with open hearts and open minds. We have created this video and the Talking Boldly® Guidelines to teach the mindset and approach to these conversations that make them safer, more educational and productive.

Group Course

This interactive course is designed for groups and requires a facilitator. Please contact us for pricing.

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What's Included

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The Talking Boldly® with Vernā Myers video is comprised of eight short chapters that build upon one another and has a run time of approximately 27 minutes and can take approximately 2 hours to complete in a group setting.

This course is designed to promote diversity and inclusion by increasing cultural awareness and comfort with discussing different social, political and cultural perspectives and experiences with your colleagues. When watching this course as a group, you will be guided to watch some chapters consecutively and pause other chapters for feedback and discussion from your group. You will be practicing how to have safe and constructive conversations.

Chapter Outline

  1. Welcome Video
  2. Why Talking Boldly® Matters
  3. Talking Boldly® Guidelines
  4. Breakout Groups
  5. A. Exploring Culture Questions
  1. B. Cultural Change Questions
  2. Listening and Talking
  3. Learnings from Talking Boldly®
  4. Continuing the Journey

Learning Objectives for the Talking Boldly® Course

  • To learn and practice the Talking Boldly® Guidelines for safe and productive conversations
  • To learn how to share one’s culture, feelings, experiences and perspectives in a safe and constructive way
  • To learn how to listen to the feelings, culture, experiences and perspectives of others
  • To raise the awareness and understanding of oneself and others and develop more empathy for the views of others
  • To discover the commonalities and differences between individuals and interrupt our biases and assumptions about them
  • To have the experience of talking with others about  challenging social, cultural and political issues in a constructive and safe way