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Fair Interviewing

Fair and Effective Interviewing

Practical Steps in creating an environment where people don’t just survive but thrive.

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Every organization knows that talent makes the difference when it comes to how well it can execute on its overall mission and goals. To have the best talent, companies have to be able to attract individuals from all backgrounds. A diverse workforce is imperative to an organization’s success because diversity brings different perspectives, spurs innovation, enhances problem-solving and introduces new skills and markets. The hiring process has many components: outreach, recruitment, screening, interviewing, decision-making and following-up with accepted candidates. This dynamic video course, Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion by Vernā Myers, teaches skills for interviewing – an important aspect of an inclusive hiring process that is sometimes overlooked.

This video is designed to be used for interviewers of all levels for all job categories and positions. In the video, Vernā explains three key barriers to fair and effective interviewing across difference: our cultural diversity lens; discomfort with difference; and stereotypes and biases. Using stories, examples and humor, Vernā tells viewers how to recognize and overcome these barriers and shares concrete tips interviewers can use to ensure that they are supporting diversity and inclusion in their organizations and not missing or misjudging talent. Included in the course are downloadable PDF Handouts: Tips for Fair and Effective Interviewing and Steps to Becoming a More Fair and Effective Interviewer.

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What's Included

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The Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion with Vernā Myers video is comprised of 5 short chapters that build upon one another and has a run time of approximately 38 minutes. It can be watched in its entirety in one session or over a period of time.

Chapter Outline

  1. Introduction to Fair and Effective Interviewing
  2. Accounting for Our Cultural Diversity Lens
  3. Overcoming Our Discomfort with Difference
  4. Checking Our Stereotypes and Biases
  5. Tips for Fair and Effective Interviewing

Printable Handouts

  • Tips for Fair and Effective Interviewers
  • Steps to Becoming a More Fair and Effective Interviewer Across Difference

Learning Objectives for the Fair and Effective Interviewing for Diversity and Inclusion Course

  • Understand the benefit of bringing in diverse talent for the organization’s success
  • Consider the importance of being a fair and effective interviewer, especially when interviewing across difference
  • Explore the barriers to fair and effective interviewing: cultural diversity lens, discomfort, stereotype, and bias
  • Understand how to manage our discomfort with difference in the interview
  • Recognize and counter stereotypes and biases in an interview
  • Appreciate the role and responsibility of the interviewer to represent the organization as a diverse and inclusive workplace