2024 | Vernā Myers

Vernā Myers


30 Apr 2024

Happy Spring
April was so gratifying for me. It was a month of witnessing and revisiting the powerful and nurturing connections I've cultivated over the years. I was able to join gatherings with colleagues and girlfriends whom I've cherished for decades. While at a dinner with these lovely folks, I realized how diverse they are! They are from different religious faiths, races, ethnicities, profession...
30 Jan 2024

A Recap of Sundays With Vernā's Transformative Podcasts
As we embrace the spirit of change and transition into a new year with exciting new content, we can't help but look back at the incredible journey Sundays With Vernā took us on in 2023. From inspiring conversations with thought leaders to intimate moments of self-discovery, each episode brought a unique flavor to our Sundays. Here’s a recap of our 2023 Sundays With Vernā podcasts. ...