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26 Aug 2021

3 Things to Know: Sharing some good news stories!

From company-wide vacations to decorated athletes removing themselves from the competition, this last month has shown us a shift in the way people and organizations are managing anxiety and mental well-being.  “Burn out” is a term we hear almost daily since the inner workings of the pandemic took hold of our home and work life. And this sense of mental exhaustion, and in some cases an overwhelming sense of fear, is fueled by the continuous news cycle moving from one disheartening story to the next. I’m definitely not here to add more fuel to that negativity!

Instead, this month, we’re focused on 3 positive, endorphin lifting, and most definitely anxiety-reducing, good news stories. 

Here you go!

  1. We need more hearts of gold (and silver!) these days. The 2021 summer Olympics was filled with so many inspiring stories both during and after the competition. One amazing story came from Poland and the center of it is Silver medal winner, Maria Andrejczyk. After being awarded the medal during her javelin throw in Tokyo, she auctioned off her medal to raise money for a 8-month-old boy’s heart surgery. Andrejczyk’s winning bid raised $125,000 for the young boy’s procedure. And the best part? The bidder who purchased the medal, allowed Andrejczyk to keep her silver. This one just feels good all around.
  2. “Kindness is a virtue we can all possess. If we are willing to.” This story is proof of how one person can make a huge difference. 10-year-old Orion Jean is set on a mission to ensure all kids have books to read by donating 500,000 books to children in need by the end of August. Orion began his “Race to Kindness” last year after delivering this inspiring speech that won him the 2020 National Kindness Speech award. He used the $500 prize to donate toys to the Dallas Children’s hospital. In his second mission he’s asking people across the country to help him meet his 500K book donation goal. Read more and learn how you can help here.
  3. Atlanta airport Piano man rewarded for playing his heart out. Restoring our hope in humanity, this heartwarming story of Tonee “Valentine” Carter, comes out of an Atlanta airport terminal, where for years Carter entertained travelers with beloved songs of the past and present. On July 21, traveler, and author, Carlos Whittaker took notice. After learning about Carter’s struggle with dialysis and kidney failure, Whittaker called upon his Instagram community to help. In a few hours, he raised over $60,000! Upon receiving the donation, a grateful Tonee said, “Thankful is inadequate. I want to give back and help people like he’s doing.” We’re all in on paying it forward! Catch the full story here.

BONUS. Because who couldn’t use a bonus feel-good news story? Especially when it involves a giant rubber duck that appeared out of nowhere in a quiet Maine harbor. You’ll want to check this one out.

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