02 Jun 2016

We can overcome barriers and have a truly diverse workplace

JANET CHO, The Plain Dealer writes about Verna for the Cleveland.com Business Section on May 27, 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Diversity and inclusion consultant Verna Myers recently told the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association that she’s more than qualified to teach others to think about their unconscious biases, “because I’ve been dealing with diversity my whole life,” she said. “I’ve been black and a woman my whole life.”

Myers, whose TED Talk on overcoming bias has received nearly 1.2 million views, introduced herself as a “recovering attorney” who remains “outrageously optimistic that we can in fact overcome barriers and have a truly diverse workplace.”

Verna Myers

Verna Myers said it’s not enough to want diversity; organizations need to welcome and embrace diverse perspectives.

Despite perceptions that we keep having the same conversations without seeing much progress, she said: “This is the best time to be doing diversity and inclusion training in our country and in our world, because there are so many opportunities” to move forward.

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