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Verna Myers private webinar

Have you ever wanted to sit down and ask Vernā questions that matter most to you? Now is your chance!

Join us for a unique opportunity to be part of a virtual conversation with Vernā Myers. Whether you’re striving to get your DEI initiative back on track, need tips on how to be a more inclusive leader, or seek practical solutions for overcoming biases in the workplace, Vernā will help you go from well-meaning to well-doing in a small group, interactive, and informative discussion.

Seats are limited to the first 25 participants so be sure to secure your seat today.

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About Confronting Imposter Syndrome by Vernā Myers

Imposter Syndrome is common in all aspects of life, but most often professionally. This dynamic video course, Confronting Imposter Syndrome by Vernā Myers,  teaches skills for recognizing, understanding, and breaking through Imposter Syndrome and is designed to be watched by people in all job categories and positions. In the video, Vernā defines two types of Imposter Syndrome, and using stories, examples, and humor, she invites you to recognize and overcome Imposter Syndrome so you can put your best foot forward.