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Speaking Engagements

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Overcoming Bias and Disrupting Institutionalized Racism- From Neutrality to Action

The brutal Killing of George Floyd by police and the Black Lives Movement has not only brought to light the horrors of police brutality and racial injustice in the United States, but also racial inequities and anti-blackness operating in all aspects of our society. What should our response be in light of these disturbing and painful revelations? Vernā Myers will discuss how we can recognize and take an active stance against the conscious and unconscious biases and systems of power and privilege that maintain racial disparities. Vernā will challenge us to see this time as an opportunity to actively re-imagine a new, more inclusive and equitable world– one where Black people and other marginalized groups are truly included and we can all experience the creative power of difference.

Allyship and Inclusive Leadership

As our workplaces and society are coming to a deeper awareness of racism and other forms of interpersonal and institutionalized bias, employees and leaders struggle with how they can be part of the solution for change. Inclusive Leadership is imperative to creating real change in our organizations, industries, and communities but Allyship is equally vital in helping to remove barriers that many Black people and other marginalized groups confront on a daily basis. Being an Ally or as some are now calling an  “accomplice” or a “co-conspirator”-  is not solely about being a “good person.”  An effective Ally amplifies the voices of those who have been excluded and advocates on their behalf. Allyship requires us to develop the kind of trusting relationships with groups of people that many of us do not currently have, to be willing to take risks and spend our privilege to elevate others. This presentation will help participants understand the importance of Inclusive Leadership and where it differs from Allyship. Participants will also learn the specific elements of Allyship, how to leverage their privilege, build authentic relationships, and avoid common pitfalls as they work to create fairness, justice, and meaningful opportunity for all.

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